Wave Power Rig

The Floating Wave Power Rig is a patented system for harvesting energy from ocean waves.
The system is in the same category as “Wave Dragon”.
The overtopping type of wave energy converters are effective secure and simple.
Wave Dragon have been tested since 1997 as a model and since 2003 as a 1:4,5 sized prototype at Nissum Bredning in Denmark.
The prototype has been through several storms.
Tests will show if the Wave Power Rig is more effective, compared to Wave Dragon.
In the future wind mils will be placed at this type of wave power plants.




Wave Pump Rig

The Wave Pump Rig was published first time in 1979 in the newspaper Sunnmørsposten of Norway and later in Teknisk Ukeblad. In 1997 I applied for economical support in the Norwegian high school system, but wave energy had no priority.
Since 1992 Float Incorporated in USA has worked on this type of rigs and they called it the PSP(pneumatically stabilized platform).  
Air is trapped in the platform but all the cylinders are open to the sea.
The water pump has been tested in the Danish wave energy program from 1997 to 2001 with good results.
Wave energy can be harvest effectively by the Wave Pump Rig do to phase shift mechanism which is automatically a part of the system.
Both The Wave Pump Rig and The Wave Power Rig can house wind turbines.





Root Turbine

It is a problem finding effective low head turbines and the “Kaplan” turbine is the most used.
In 2004 I applied for patent on a turbine like the “Root Blower”, but an US patent from 1995 stopped the effort.
The 3D shows this kind of turbine.